Ceramic coatings


Ceramic Coatings

At Hydro Beard Detailing we can offer ceramic coatings for all types of paintwork including vinyl wrapped vehicles.

Ceramic coatings are by far the best product for the protection of paintwork not only do they increase the hardness of your paint work but also makes it easier to maintain

What is a ceramic coating


If your main aim is to add gloss, resist swirls, or simply to avoid contaminants and promote long term dirt repellent a ceramic coating is the very pinnacle in paint protection. 

A ceramic coating is ideal for those who clock up heavy mileage or those that want their paintwork to look as fresh as the day it came from the factory

Ceramic coatings are a clear coat that uses a liquid polymer to form a chemical bond with your vehicle’s paintwork giving it extra strength and durability this makes dirt less likely to stick to your paintwork and can also help reduce scratches.

Providing maintenance washes are performed regularly and correctly a ceramic coating can last for years.